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140-meter inflatable city runway unveiled in Chengdu, China

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CHENGDU, China – On the eighth of August 2015, the 7th National Fitness Day (a day declared by the Chinese government as a reminder of the importance of personal health following the success of the Be

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CHENGDU, China – On the eighth of August 2015, the 7th National Fitness Day (a day declared by the Chinese government as a reminder of the importance of personal health following the success of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008), an inflatable runway stretching 140 meters was placed on Hongxing Road, the heart of city centre of Chengdu, a southwestern city of China, transforming the CBD into a playground. The city pop-up city runway will remain in place and open to the public for only one month.

This innovative event — the Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet — is a collaboration between Chengdu International Finance Square (CDIFS), Sticky Monster Lab of South Korea and AllRightsReserved as the curator. The highlight of the event is the 140-meter long inflatable city runway with cute monsters from Sticky Monster Lab affixed to the surface at different spots along the track. Various obstacles, including slides and climbing walls, are placed along the track. People in Chengdu are invited to challenge their physical limits and compete with each other to reach the finish line.

A playground in Chengdu’s city centre | The story behind the cutely adorned runway | The thrilling challenge of the obstacles

The Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet is an event organized by Chengdu IFS for the summer of 2015. The event, which debuted on August 8thand will continue to September 6th, consists of the Sticky Monsters City Runway, the Sticky Monsters Wave Pool, the Vertical Marathon, and the “Happy Burst of Energy” Athletic Party.

It is not easy to complete the 140-meter runway without a fall, with all the challenging hurdles sharing the space with the cute monsters along the way. A successful challenger will be awarded a limited version IFS X Sticky Monster Lab Sports Bracelet.

Uncover the Sticky Monsters’ secrets | Challenge yourself and overcome the obstacles

The Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet has kicked off without a hitch at Chengdu IFS this summer as planned. The huge red sticky monster Meti waiting at the starting line and his friends are all characters of Sticky Monster Lab.

On first sight, they all appear to be cute monsters; however, on closer look, you may notice that something is amiss. For example, Kibon, the monster with the enthusiastic look as he jogs, has no hands. In fact, all the monsters created by the lab are imperfect in some way, just as everyone of us; each monster has his or her own cross to bear, making it difficult for them to overcome whatever stands in their way. The monsters encourage each other at the Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet, reminding each other that the obstacles won’t stand in their way and stop them from running. They all run the course as fast as they can. The Sticky Monsters are an embodiment of the event’s theme, “Challenge Yourself and Overcome the Obstacles” — a positive concept for the people in Chengdu this summer, giving everyone an opportunity to face the ultimate challenge and become a runner that never gives up.

Olympic champions make the scene | National athletes shown up in Chengdu and ran with energetic city runners on August 8th

The Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet officially kicked off on August 8 when Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Champion Feng Zhe, Sailing and Windsurfing Olympic Champion Yin Jian, Synchronized Swimming World Champion Sisters Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting attended the event in person and took the lead in running on the inflatable runway. Four national athletes led four teams of locals as they ran their first sprint around the track, in an embodiment of the spirit of the event – ‘perseverance, optimism, courage and hope’. Chengdu locals standing along the sidelines cheered the champions as they sprinted around the eye-catching inflatable runway. The entire city was in the throes of celebrating the successful bid for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, which made the Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet an even more unforgettable and meaningful event.

Run for the public good | Children living in mountainous areas will have access to inspiring and fun sports equipment for a whole year as a result of Chengdu IFS’s donation

Apart from the 140-meter long inflatble city runway, the event also calls attention to the “Warm Current” Public Welfare Project. Chengdu IFS is donating the professional sports equipment that is part of this event to underprivileged children living in China’s mountainous areas. Chengdu IFS invited over 200 individuals as city runners to participate in this summer campaign and donates Sports Packs on behalf of the runners. Each sports pack contains various sports equipments, in the hope that these children can cultivate their team spirit when engaging in sports and enjoy the fun that every person should be entitled to having during their childhood.

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