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Seychelles Tourism launches international video competition

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The “My Seychelles Experience” international video competition was officially launched on July 29.

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The “My Seychelles Experience” international video competition was officially launched on July 29.

The launch was held at La Plaine St. Andre, Au Cap, in the presence of trade partners and sponsors of the competition.

Addressing those present, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Chief Executive, Sherin Naiken, said this competition will help to raise the profile of Seychelles across social media platforms via which the videos will eventually be broadcast to the world, allowing many different aspects of the beauty of othe islands to be shared with the public.

She added that according to the rules governing the competition, the Seychelles Tourism Board shall have exclusive rights over any submitted footage to use in its promotional campaigns.

“This competition is being launched worldwide and will be run until January 2016, allowing for, we hope, lively contribution from all across the world,” she said.

Miss Naiken echoed words of thanks to the sponsors, Maven, a local creative agency that has partnered with the Seychelles Tourism Board to help with the technical aspects of this competition.

She also expressed her thanks to the staff of the Seychelles Tourism Board who have been involved with this project.

When the country’s head of state, President James Michel, launched the 2015 national theme “I Love Seychelles,” the Seychelles Tourism Board was inspired to initiate an international competition aimed at getting the visitors to oits shores to show what they have loved and enjoyed most about their holiday in Seychelles.

“The video can be made up of footages of their holiday in Seychelles from years ago. We believe in allowing people to be creative, as this will help to get the best outcomes,” said Miss Sherin Naiken.

She added that people from across the globe can take part in this competition provided that they abide to the rules and regulations of the competition.

Those who are interested to take part in the competition can capture the greatest moments of their holiday in Seychelles, register their details, and upload their videos on the website shown below.

Rules and regulations of the competition can be found on the website, as well as other details relating to it.

During the event last night, sponsors who have come on board for this project pledged their support to the competition.

Seychelles is a founding member of the

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