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BERLIN, Germany – In June 2015, a total of 3,023,700 passengers traveled on airberlin.

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BERLIN, Germany – In June 2015, a total of 3,023,700 passengers traveled on airberlin. Due to an extensive capacity reduction by 8.5 percent, the number of passengers decreased by 7.0 percent as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, related to the capacity reduction and to the school holidays falling in a different period than in the previous year. Correspondingly, the revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) traveled in airberlin’s global flight route network decreased by 10 percent, to 4.360 billion kilometers. The available seat kilometers (ASK) were reduced by 9.5 percent, to 5.216 billion kilometers.

Despite lower demand related to the school holidays falling in a different period, the capacity utilization rate (RPK/ASK) remained substantially unchanged and, at 83.6 percent, was only 0.4 percentage points lower than in June 2014. For the period from January up to and including June 2015, the capacity utilization rate increased by 0.4 percentage points in yearly comparison, to a total of 82.6 percent. The accumulated number of passengers for the year decreased by 4.1 percent, to 14,035,619 passengers, in comparison with the previous year.

As Stefan Pichler, CEO of the airberlin group, stated: “In the first half of the year, we concentrated on the first initiatives for restructuring our flight route network, and on targeting more profitable destinations. This is also reflected in the slightly better results for airberlin’s short-haul flight route network. The increased accumulated capacity utilization rate demonstrates that the newly implemented capacity consolidations, as the first step in airberlin’s fundamental new orientation, have put us on the right track.”

June 2015

Capacity 3,638,897 (-8.5 %)
Number of passengers 3,023,700 (-7.0 %)
ASK in millions 5,216 (-9.5 %)
RPK in millions 4,360 (-10 %)
Capacity utilization rate in % 83.6 (-0.4 pp)

Accumulated, 2015

Capacity 17,641,779 (-6.4 %)
Number of passengers 14,035,619 (-4.1 %)
ASK in millions 26,694 (-3.5 %)
RPK in millions 22,037 (-3.0 %)
Capacity utilization rate in % 82.6 (+0.4 pp)

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