Seychelles Tourism Minister: We have the right approach towards sustainable tourism

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Small island developing states of Indian Ocean are currently meeting in Seychelles to elaborate a global strategy for sustainable tourism.

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Small island developing states of Indian Ocean are currently meeting in Seychelles to elaborate a global strategy for sustainable tourism.

The elaboration of the global strategy is the second phase of the approach taken by “L’ organization international de la Francophonie” OIF, to provide technical support for small island developing states in their endeavor to promote sustainable tourism.

Small island developing states of the Indian Ocean commission (IOC) and French speaking countries, such as Seychelles, Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Cape Verde, São Tomé, and Príncipe are meeting in Seychelles with representatives of OIF to brainstorm and present the global strategy for validation.

The aim of the global strategy is to equip small island developing states with the right long-term planification tool.

It will also enable them to develop a road map in line with their national development plan for 2015 and that of “L’ organization Internationale de la Francophonie” together with international objectives set for sustainable development (ODD).

The three-day workshop was opened by Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, in the presence of Joel Morgan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport.

Minister St.Ange spoke about Seychelles’ long-term strategy to promote sustainable tourism. He said a solid economic had been a vector of sustainable tourism.

“When we look at sustainable tourism, we think a lot about environment. Yes, environment is an important component of sustainable tourism. But the most important component of securing sustainable tourism is to have a solid economy.”

Minister St.Ange said President Michel’s moratorium on all large hotels built in the country is a positive move towards sustainable tourism. He said this clearly shows that Seychelles has the right approach towards sustainable tourism. The Seychelles Minister responsible also presented his take on consolidating a sustainable tourism approach for small island developing states, saying that air access and a good and untarnished safety label were today important points that needed every government’s attention.

Gerard Ruiz Consultant at the workshop said “L’ organization International de la Francophonie” OIF does not provide financial aid to support actions of small island states of IOC and OIF towards sustainable tourism.

He added OIF can, nevertheless, approach different organizations such as World Bank and the European Union to present the different projects and gain financial support.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .

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