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There are hotels and then there is the Kube.

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There are hotels and then there is the Kube. Located on a small side street (think of a large alley-way), behind a high wall, the Kube registration office (think PopeMobile) is located in the middle of a private lot (even stranger than it reads). I arrived late at night and the Front Desk staffer had to be located. Finally she arrived, checked me in, gave me the key card for my room, and I walked into the hotel lobby/restaurant finding lots of surprises…like fake fur walls in spaces with very low lighting.

The next surprise was the very spacious accommodations that were mine for the next few days and nights. The interior design, furniture and fixtures are cutting edge minimalistic modern with a few pieces of plastic chairs, tables and lamps. There was no bath tub! In its place was a large, low-level box with a shower head. It certainly met my needs – but was really chilly – no shower curtain and no doors to hold back the winter breezes that filled the large space.

The Kube is located in a very unique and off-the-beaten path neighborhood that celebrates diversity (18th arrondissement; La Chapelle station). From discount shops that feature flip-flops, to excellent boulangeries with the best breads, rolls and cakes this side of the planet; from meat shops where French workers stop to get food for dinner, to cafes and restaurants that made me feel I had stepped into a 1940s French film, the location is intriguing enough for me to look forward to a return in the spring.

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