Jeremy Gilley discovers why Colombia is passion


Colombia continues to welcome tourists who are intrigued in exploring the many secrets it has to offer including its history, culture, and traditions. The tourists and personalities that touch Colombia’s shores unexpectedly open themselves to falling in love with the passion of the country, and this is exactly the case of Jeremy Gilley, founder and chairman of “Peace One Day.”

Following his visit, Jeremy commented: “I have visited approximately 54 countries over the last 10 years, and I can honestly tell you that my experience in Colombia left me feeling completely inspired by the people I met, by their courage, their hope, and their determination for not only peace in their region, but throughout the world. I felt supported and safe at all times and very much enjoyed the beauty of the country in all its diversity. It’s a rich and vibrant country, which I would definitely encourage people to visit at some point in their lives.”

This is a country with so much to offer – for example:

• The most stunning landscapes of the coffee region -immerse yourself in the coffee culture. Colombia is the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world.
• The most extensive network of bike paths of the world (300Km) in Bogota.
• The Medellin Flower festival (August), Colombia is the 2nd largest flower exporter worldwide and no. 1 exporter of carnations to UK.
• The 30 different fresh fruit juices – fruits are grown all year round due to the perpendicular sun rays shining every month of the year. (2nd largest producer of blackberries worldwide).
• Birdwatchers’ paradise in the most diverse country on the planet (167 endemic bird species).

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