New Policies Creating Momentum for .travel


New policies designed to make .travel domain names more relevant and accessible drove significant sales increases in January.

According to Edward A. Cespedes, President and CEO of Tralliance Corporation, “Although we don’t comment publicly on sales numbers, we have seen significant renewed interest in the .travel domain since the new policies took effect.”

On December 21, 2007, Tralliance Corporation amended its eligibility policies to focus more on use of .travel domain names. Companies acquiring .travel domain names must now ensure that they resolve to relevant websites within 60 days. Any bona fide member of the travel industry can own any .travel domain name(s) as long as they adhere to the new policies.*

Cespedes continued, “We are pleased with our continued progress. There are still many phenomenal .travel domain names available for purchase. We urge the industry to acquire these valuable marketing tools.”

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