Sindbad Classic 2008 on March 26


MUSCAT, Oman (eTN) – Come March 26 the Sindbad Classic 2008, an international three-day game fishing event, the sea off Marina Bandar Al Rowdha in Muscat will have a different look as top game fishing experts will venture 20-40 nautical miles offshore to get the perfect catch.

The event, organized by Intevents under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sport, will see participation from the locals as well as from around the world including Alaska, New Zealand and South Africa.

According to Intevents sports events manager Bruce Fennessy, around 80 competitors, including high profile anglers like Matt Watson from “The Ultimate Fishing Show,” are expected to try out their luck. The Sinbad Classic is a qualifying event for the Offshore World Championships for 2009.

The aims of the sport of fishing are crystal clear. To increase awareness of Oman being a wonderful and plentiful sport fishing destination, to help further grow the tourism industry in Oman and to create an awareness among the local community of the need for sustainability within all areas of business and nature to ensure that even in 20 years’ time Oman can still be a destination that people would wish to travel to.

The competitor boats will generally be 20-40 nautical miles offshore depending on what species of fish they are trying to target. The giant Yellow Fin Tuna can generally be found 20-30 nautical miles offshore at that time of the year, with the smaller species of fish being found closer in shore.

The entire event will be filmed and an episode of the show will be aired on the FOX Intl. Channel.