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Huge blaze erupts in France’s Le Havre port

Huge blaze erupts in France’s Le Havre port
Huge blaze erupts in France’s Le Havre port
Written by Harry S. Johnson

Major fire has broke out in an abandoned building in northern port city of Le Havre, France today. According to France’s emergency services, the building is an old warehouse that is currently abandoned.

Footage from the scene shows a large column of fire and thick clouds of smoke in the air.

The blaze has triggered the evacuation of nearby buildings.

Le Havre police said on Twitter that they had started to evacuate residential buildings in the vicinity of the warehouse, and advised the public to stay away from the scene.

The blaze has produced large, thick plumes of blackish smoke that are visible from miles away.

Multiple fire engines, as well as at least one helicopter, have been deployed to battle the flames.

So far, no information on potential casualties has emerged. It also remains unclear whether anything was stashed at the warehouse or if the building was empty.

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