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Tourism industry in Swanage remains optimistic amidst coronavirus pandemic

Tourism industry in Swanage remains optimistic amidst coronavirus pandemic
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Several weeks after implementing lockdown restrictions, UK residents are getting used to the new normal. The Prime Minister has recently announced possible changes in lockdown rules, especially if the numbers support them. This raises concerns for seaside towns, especially in England, where people are allowed to drive and visit the outdoors.

The announcement from the Prime Minister specifically mentioned work, exercise and school. The tourism industry wasn’t discussed, although the hospitality sector was mentioned, saying that some businesses might be allowed to re-open in early July. A COVID Alert System was put in place, which will ultimately determine how fast these restrictions could be eased.

Enjoying the outdoors

The lockdown measures in England differ from those in Wales and Scotland. Residents are permitted to drive and head for the outdoors in England. This allows local folks to drive to the beach, get some exercise and soak up the sunshine.

While this may sound great for people in England, it can increase the risk of spreading the virus. Dorset Councilor Laura Miller voiced out her opinion, saying that seaside towns in England may see large crowds swelling up quickly. But the government is taking every action possible so that people can enjoy the beach as they did before the lockdown, provided they take proper protection. Everyone needs to follow the guidance to ensure that when they visit seaside towns like Swanage, they don’t contract and spread the virus.

Tourism sector remains hopeful

Because of the changes to lockdown restrictions, it is expected that foreign tourists will start visiting the UK over the summer. With the government slowly lifting the restrictions, the tourism sector of Swanage feels that they will be back in business sooner than later.

According to Swanage News, although the lockdown had impacted restaurants, hotels and bars near the beach, business-owners understand that it was necessary for the sake of everyone’s safety. And now, they hope that the local economy can start to pick up again.

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