Kenya – Industry Loses German Tourists


More than 50 per cent of German tourists who were to visit the country have diverted to other destinations.

An office manager with a travel Agency in Germany, Mr Christian Moeckel, said reports of caused the change in holiday destinations. Moeckel, who arrived from Germany on Monday, said travel agents are finding it difficult to convince tourists to come to Kenya.

He said there are no new bookings for the rest of the year and that the German Government had issued a warning to its citizens over visiting Kenya.

Moeckel called on political leaders and Kenyans to maintain peace and use peaceful courses in seeking a solution to the problem and save the tourism industry.

“We want to see good news on television. News of peaceful protests and free flow of transport. That will make tourists come back to Kenya,” he said.

Moeckel said the tourists are waiting for calm to return.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Association of Local Tour Operators (Kalto) has expressed fears that thousands of workers rendered jobless might resolve to crime to survive.

The chairman, Mr Ramos Mwachiru, said more than 30, 000 workers in the tourism sector have lost their jobs due to the violence.

Mwachiru said tourism related businesses such as beach operators, tour drivers, entertainment groups, and craftsmen have been seriously affected by the situation in the country.

He called on citizens to maintain peace because it is a vital requirement in the growth of the sector.

He also called on leaders to help regain tourists’ confidence by pressurising responsible parties to resolve the conflict as a matter of urgency.

Mwachiru urged marketing agencies to involve all stakeholders and re-image, re-package and re-brand tourism.