EnCirca Announces Support for .aero domain


EnCirca, a leading domain registrar, announced today its support for .aero. .aero is a top-level domain (TLD) reserved exclusively for the aviation industry — including airlines, airports, companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and qualified individuals.
.aero is aviation’s own Internet space offering an established alternative to the traditional TLDs. Eligibility for dot-aero is limited to the following groups:

• Aerial Works
• Aerospace Companies
• Air Freight and Logistics
• Airline or Aircraft Operator
• Air Navigation Services Provider
• Airports
• Air Safety Medical and Certification
• Air Sports
• Aviation Associations
• Aviation Distribution System
• Aviation Education and Research
• Aviation Media
• Aviation Professional
• Aviation Supplier or Service Provider
• Business Aircraft Operator
• Civil Aviation Authority
• Government Organisation
• Pilots

.aero is sponsored by SITA. SITA has 55 years of experience as the world’s leading service provider of IT business solutions and communication services to the air transport industry. SITA is unique in being owned by the community, with the SITA Board comprising shareholders and customers from across the air transport industry.

The benefits of .aero are many:

• Reliable: .aero registry services are provided by Afilias which provides world-class technology supporting some of the largest generic TLDs such as, .org and .info

• Unique: .aero defines its own policies designed to safeguard the integrity of the domain.

• Exclusive: To registrer a .aero domain, you must obtain a .aero ID by passing a validity process which screens potential domain registrants to ensure that they are members of the aviation community. This screening helps to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the .aero domain, whilst removing the potential of “cyber squatters” and domain name speculators.

• Innovative: .aero is working to deliver Internet-based services built on aviation naming and coding structures.

• Ease of use: Registration and use of .aero domains does not interfere with existing domain structures. This is important to air transport businesses with a well-established Internet presence via the company name and country domain name.

“As the aviation industry continues to develop its online community, .aero is a great way for aviation companies to identify themselves as forward-thinking members of the industry,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca. “.aero is a reliable and innovative domain that will assist in the flow of communcation to customers and business partners.”

Companies interested in learning more about registering .aero domain names, please visit http://www.encirca.com/html/aero-registration.shtml.

About EnCirca
Thousands of government, non-profit tourism boards, and commercial organizations trust EnCirca as their official domain name Registrar. EnCirca was formed in 2001 and is accredited by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers for all of the top-level domain extensions, from dot-com and dot-org to dot-asia and dot-travel. For more information, see http://www.encirca.com. EnCirca is an Affiliate Board Member of UNWTO.