Bunny ranch price tickets includes good time party passes for government officials


Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, has always been a huge Terminator fan and really wants to extend the olive branch to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The BunnyRanch realizes that the Governor’s issued I.O.U.s do not have the face value that they could have at the BunnyRanch. Dennis says, “bring your I.O.U. to the BunnyRanch and we will honor it 100%.” The BunnyRanch vows to do their part in lifting the Governator’s spirits and all of the California I.O.U. recipients.

The Bunny Ranch will begin mailing free “good time party passes” to all of our United States, Senators, House of Representatives and Governors on August 3, 2009. This is in an effort to help men such as: David Vitter (1), John Ensign (2), Eliot Spitzer (3), Mark Foley (4), Robert Livingston (5), Jim Gibbons (6), Mark Sanford (7), and Larry Craig(8) who could have easily avoided their troubles by visiting the BunnyRanch. Dennis says, “these men are good men who have gotten themselves into trouble and could have avoided all of this exploitation by visiting the BunnyRanch.” Dennis encourages all of our government officials to salvage their careers, public reputation and families by partying discretely and legally at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.