Norwegian cruise ship major looks towards White Sea


The Norwegian tourist industry is shows growing interest in the tourism potential of Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Last week the world-renowned Norwegian company Hurtigruten together with the Arkhangelsk oblast regional administration organized a seminar –presentation for local tour operators.

Mr. Olav Lühr, Marketing Director in the Hurtigruten company, says Norwegians are looking forward to establishing long-term cooperation with tour operators of Arkhangelsk Oblast. The ultimate goal of this cooperation is to promote Norway as a brand and attract Russian tourists to Norway. The Norwegian party is planning to hold training seminars for managers and directors of local companies where they can find out what Norway can offer them.

-Our further actions in Arkhangelsk Oblast will very much depend on this pilot project. Under this project Arkhangelsk will be used as the main port for cruises in the White Sea, explains Mr. Lühr

Mr. Lühr also believes in the Russian region’s potential as a tourist destination. -The only prerequisite for the development of the local tourism industry will be to develop its potential. You need to define your highlights and customize your tourist products, he advices.