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Fleet Week and Blue Angels return to San Francisco Bay Area

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Fleet Week is back in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the most important fun you will have this year!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Fleet Week is back in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the most important fun you will have this year!

Events will feature the return of the Blue Angels airshow, emergency preparedness training and the commissioning of the Navy’s newest ship- the USS America.

Fleet Week helps local authorities and service members prepare for and respond to emergencies which may take place in the Bay Area and around the world. The San Francisco Bay Area has a long history of naval service and maritime tradition. Residents and our men and women in uniform often worked together during the region’s and nation’s most trying times.

Following is an overview of public events for San Francisco Fleet Week 2014. An up-to-the-minute schedule of public events (including ship tour schedule) is available online at www.fleetweeksf.org

Monday October 6

USS America Arrives in San Francisco Bay, Pier 30/32

Tuesday October 7

Bark @ the Park, Jefferson Square Park (Turk Street between Laguna and Gough), 3PM to 6PM

Military, civilian, and non-profit service dogs will conduct public demonstration of capabilities. Open to the public and pets. Featuring dogs from K9 Companions for Independence, California Rescue Dog Association, United States Marine Corps, San Francisco Police Department, and San Francisco Fire Department.

Wednesday October 8

Noe Valley US Navy Band Concert, 24th Street between Sanchez and Vicksburg

Friday, October 10

Parade of Ships, 11AM, Featured ships: USS Kidd, USS Chosin, HMCS Calgary, HMCS Brandon, HMCS Yellowknife, and USCG Cutter Active

Veteran’s Memorial Dedication, 3PM, Memorial Court, located between the War Memorial Veterans Building and Opera House

Saturday October 11 and Sunday October 12

Fleet Week Air Show featuring the Blue Angels, 12:30 – 4:00 PM Marina Green

Watch the Fleet Week Air Show featuring the Blue Angels at the Marina Green. The Marina Green will also feature an Interactive display of civilian, military, and non-profit humanitarian assistance and disaster response capabilities. This year will highlight the military’s use of renewable energy.

Public Transit Information:

People are encouraged to take public transit to all destinations along the waterfront when possible. Men and women in uniform or with military ID ride free on any Muni vehicle, October 8 through 12. Avoid parking hassles and bike, walk or Go Green to Fleet Week on Muni. There will be extended service on MUNI to Pier 80 for ship tours as well as limited free parking at Pier 80.

History of Fleet Week:

San Francisco and Fleet Week share a long and storied history starting with the arrival in the Bay of the President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” in 1908. Comprised of 16 battleships of the Atlantic Fleet and various smaller vessels, this historic flotilla featured hulls painted white except for the gilded scrollwork on their bows. The 14-month long voyage from Hampton Roads Virginia to San Francisco was a showcase of American sea power with ships manned by 14,000 sailors. They covered 43,000 miles and stopped at 20 ports on six continents. The fleet arrived in San Francisco on May 6, 1908 from Magdalena Bay, Mexico and was greeted by a huge celebration hosted by the City of San Francisco. As each ship passed Fort Point it fired a 21-gun salute, which was answered with a salute from land. Crowds flocked to San Francisco to see the fleet. Transbay ferry traffic from May 5 to May 17 exceeded the normal business by 450,000 passengers. The heaviest travel day was on May 6 when 186,000 passengers were taken across San Francisco Bay to see the arrival of the fleet. It was one of the largest crowds of Californians ever assembled.

On January 18, 1911, the era of Naval aviation began in San Francisco Bay with the first-ever launch of an aircraft from the deck of a military vessel, the USS Pennsylvania.

Throughout the 20th Century, San Francisco was a major focus of naval operations, and served as the headquarters of the United States Naval forces under Admiral Chester Nimitz during WW II. A generation of “Liberty Ships” and other military vessels were built, launched, serviced, berthed and later retired at such historic sites at Mare Island, the Marin Shipworks, Treasure Island, Hunters Point Shipyard, Suisun Bay and the Alameda Naval Air Station.

About the San Francisco Fleet Week Association:
 San Francisco Fleet Week Association is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization governed by an all-volunteer board of Directors. The mission of the Association is to plan and operate the annual San Francisco Fleet Week, including the year-around Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response program – a national leader in planning, training and coordination with public and private-sector executives, leaders and first-responders.

About the San Francisco Fleet Week: 
San Francisco Fleet Week is the most important Fleet Week in the nation and one of the largest civic events in Northern California, bringing great publicity and economic benefits to the City and the region at large. San Francisco Fleet Week celebrates the young men and women of the U.S. Military and is host to the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response program with a mission to save lives and alleviate suffering by improving our nation’s preparedness to respond to disasters.

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