Two millionth tourist to Taiwan wins NT$200,000


TAIPEI, Taiwan – Since the first millionth visitor arrival emerged on April 3 this year – a Malaysian woman named Yap Ah Mooi, the second millionth visitor has surfaced on June 20. Wong Chi Hoi (pronounced Huang Chi-kai in Mandarin) is a 23-year-old man from Hong Kong who arrived on China Airlines Flight CI-932 at Kaohsiung Airport.

Mr. Wong is a sophomore in the construction department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is traveling with three high school friends and they plan to spend three days and two nights in Kaohsiung and Kending. Although this is the lucky winner’s first visit to Taiwan, his travel companions have all been here many times and love coming to Taiwan. Mr. Huang was warmly welcomed by Tourism Bureau staff waiting for the two millionth visitor to arrive. The Tourism Bureau presented him free MRT tickets for Taipei and Kaohsiung, a famous brand of pineapple cakes from the Jiu Zhen Nan Bakery in Kaohsiung, traditional clothing of Taiwan’s indigenous people and various types of Taiwanese specialty gifts and products. Most importantly, the Bureau awarded to him a cash card with a value of NT$200,000 to spend in Taiwan. His three friends rejoiced with thunderous applause, and said they plan to help Mr. Wong spend the entire amount of money during their trip. Other than paying for their shopping and accommodations, the amount of money Mr. Wong has won will also enable him and his companions to travel in style in Taiwan.

According to exit and entry statistics from the Ministry of the Interior and the National Immigration Agency, from January to the end of May 2009, the number of visitors to Taiwan who do not carry a Taiwanese passport has increased by 13.87 percent compared to the same period last year. This year’s two millionth visitor arrived three weeks earlier than last year’s two millionth visitor. From January to the end of May, visitors from the Hong Kong and Macau market grew by 26.35 percent. The Tourism Bureau will continue to strive to promote Taiwan tourism so as to reach this year’s target of having four million visitors.